Event description

The Annual CSIIR Workshop will be held at Oak Ridge National Laboratory and published by the ACM. The aim of this year’s workshop is to discuss and publish novel theoretical and empirical research focused on one or more of the Federal Cybersecurity themes. The scope of interest covers a wide range of topics related to cybersecurity and information intelligence. This year’s CSIIRW will be held concurrently with the inaugural Cyber Sciences Laboratory (CSL) workshop.

Major General James O. Poss
Richard Clarke
Robert Osborn
Rebecca Bace
Quentin Hodgson
Mustaque Ahamad
Dan Traynor
Perry Pederson
Dr. Mark Maybury
Don Paul
Michael Bartell
Jeff Snyder
Donna Dodson
Susan Alexander
Dr. Tomas Vagoun
Jeremy Epstein
Justin Searle
Carol Hawk